Cracking a job interview

In an interview you only have around 10 minutes to make an impression. Appropriate attire and presentation of yourself plays a huge role in building your image. Crisp formal clothing with neatly brushed hair is must. A dash of your expensive perfume and fresh breath can work wonders. Well polished matching shoes have to be worn with style. Conceal your tattoos and avoid chewing gum or candies in the interview room.
Prepare in advance for all the expected questions. Some of the most likely questions are:
Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?
Why are you choosing the specific field of profession?
What expectations you have from the company?
Are you a team player?
Why did you take a break in your career? (If applicable)

Well prepared confident answers overcome the shortcomings in your resume. But since you are already prepared avoid sounding like a pre recorded radio. Your answers will decide your destiny.

Preliminary research about the company can tell you about some important facts pertaining to the organization. You can highlight these datas and win over the panel of interviewees. Facts may include its establishment year, sales figures and how you can improve them, position in the share market or something inspirational about the chairman. These tricks always work to prove you as a very diligent and effective worker.

Few behavioral attributes that should be avoided at all cost are shaking your legs, being fidgety, tapping on the table, fiddling with a pen, stammering while giving the answers, continuously checking you watch or cell phone and to top it all being late for the interview. Make conscious efforts to avoid all such patterns of behavior as they exhibit lack of confidence or interest in the job.