How to save your wealth

If you are already a rich person, with a big company or any other source of income, you must do anything that is in your power to save that wealth! You already did the most important thing, you made money, now comes the easy part, save it. The worst thing you can do to lose your wealth is to make a wrong investment! But, none investment is 100% safe, so soon or later you will have to invest. If you are one of those people who don’t invest, how are you going to increase your wealth?! In any case, you must be sure to have savings that you can use if your investment fails. The rule is to invest 30% of your money. If you have more money saved that you want to invest, there is no fear!

Considered your expenses! In many cases you are paying something that you don’t use! This is simply the wasted money! The common mistake comes with your employees. If you are paying just one employee more than you actually need, in one year you can lose a serious amount of money. If your company can work 100% without one or two employees, fire them.

The best recommendation on how to save your wealth is to invest it in something that you cannot lose. The best way for that are real estates! Depending on your capabilities, invest as much as you can. You can always sell those properties and recover money. If you do this carefully, you can even make some profit. The best place to invest is Dubai! Buying a real estate here, will make you profit in one or two years!