SolarPower is the best renewable energy stock

Planet desperately needs green energy technologies but who is going to large scale research and development for that? As of now there are very few players in the renewable energy market in the United States and fewer in the solar energy sector. The Tesla Motors leads the pack with its sister company SolarCity. The company is a very well known name in the residential solar technology. The players like SunEdison are largest renewable energy installer in the world.

All these companies are hungry for more investment, but one lesser know the company is becoming favorite renewable energy stock among the investors. SunPower is not as famous as its competitors and doesn’t even have higher growth rate, but the company has some strategic advantages over other players. The number one advantage is that the company has more potential to make money than the others due to its cheap and sustainable technology.  The SunPower has more potential profit growth despite the other competitors like SolarCity and SunEdison value more on the stock market. Even the net income indicators favor the other companies if go by quantitative basis. Today SunPower is building more systems than a distribution that means the growth story of the company is yet to begin than the other already well established companies, where growth rates are low. 

In 2012, the SunPower went through a major price drop as the market was flooded with cheap solar panels. The company is now focusing of system productions and installations will be growing thrice as per the estimates.  With the future proof business model, SunPower will definitely become a market leader soon due to kind of growth which investors love. Though other companies in the sector will also grow but risk will be lower in SunPower stock. If we consider the golden mean of value, growth, and risk, the SunPower will be the best candidate for best renewable energy stock.