New Jersey Family Wins $429.6 Powerball

The Powerball has just made a 70-year-old woman, Perlie Smith, $429.6 million richer.

On May 13, 2016, Ms. Smith was identified as the Powerball jackpot winner. She has seven children, of whom Valerie Arthur is the eldest. Arthur just retired as a prison administrator for the Department of Corrections.

In a conference where Arthur acted as the Smith family's spokesperson, it was asked where the number combination for the Powerball came from. Arthur said it was merely "divine intervention". Perlie was the one who purchased the winning ticket.  According to Arthur, the numbers did not come from important dates, such as anniversaries or birthdays. Perlie chose the numbers randomly and did not opt for computer generated number selection. She said the numbers came to mind through a dream.

The Smith family preferred to collect the money in the lump sum of $284 million. When divided by eight, each member of the family will have more than $35 million. To guide the family on how to handle the huge amount of money they have won, the Smiths have hired lawyers and financial advisers. They are still in shock and overly delighted with their fortune but Arthur believes that if wealth can change her and her family, it should be a change for the better.

The Powerball history reveals that this is the 6th biggest win to date. The ticket was bought at a 7-Eleven store in Trenton, New Jersey. Andrea Shin, the owner of the store, who received $30, 000 for the Smith's winning, said she had a gut feeling that the winner was a regular customer. She is glad that something positive has happened in Trenton and even stated that everyone in the community is happy for the winner.