Ottawa Wants To Invite Chinese Students, Tourists and Workers to Canada

Canada is soon set to receive up to twice the number of the Chinese tourists, students, workers, and travelers. Currently, there are a paltry five visa offices in China, but the number is set to triple over the next couple of months. These centers will be located in Chengdu, Nanjing, Wuhan, Jinan, and Shenyang, according to John McCallum, Minister of Immigration who has had meetings with the senior Chinese officials.

Mr. John McCallum is on a formal trip to China where he is holding talks with the Chinese senior officials at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Public Security. Alongside the additional visa application centers, the Canadian government is also requesting more air links to connect the two countries.

The Chinese government is requiring the Canadian government to join their Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. They emphasized the need to have a free trade agreement and work on a treaty to return Canadian fugitives and to have those Canadians accused of corruption extradited.

This move was received with a mixed reaction by both countries. Canada is not interested in the free trade agreement, or the extradition part of the deal. Canada’s condition is that the capital punishment of the accused should be lifted. Nonetheless, a government official who wrote on a condition of anonymity said that Canada needs to take advantage of this great opportunity, as it will facilitate people interested in flying to Canada.

All the same, this move has significant benefits to both countries. Canadian will benefit with the new talent in the high tech sector, and exploit the economic potential of these students, referred to by McCallum as “the cream of the crop”.